Have you met Josse Blase? He’s the illustrator whose awesome drawings put the joy into Jimmy Joy. The banana on the stripper pole, the macho chocolate bar, the majestic strawberry, the amazing Facebook posts? All stuff that sprung from Josse’s crazy brain. We thought it would be cool to dive a bit deeper in Josse's mind, so we gave him 19 totally hypothetical weird fantasy questions to think about:

1. Imagine an amusement park named Joyland. What kind of stuff would be going on there?
There would definitely be a food stand shaped like a Jimmy Joy shaker because you shouldn't waste time eating while having fun. Oh, and there should be a bar called the Twennybar because you can always make some time for some drinking.

2. Drake pays you an unexpected visit. What drink do you pour him and what do you guys talk about? 
A nice brown Belgian beer and I'll explain him the reason I never call him on his cellphone anymore.

3. Please invent a new Japanese game show.
Battle Royal with water balloons.

4. Imagine Jimmy Joy launching a clothing line. 
As a student I invented a banana hat with ear flaps so you could have some summer in the winter. Also, onesies.

5. Imagine Jimmy Joy not launching a clothing line. 
That would open up a lot more space for uncomfortable and time consuming clothing like neckties and laces.


6. Drawing stripping bananas is ruled illegal by the European Parliament. 
You've been sentenced lifelong imprisonment which you're currently serving in a prison cell in Brussels. How do you escape and where to?

I would make an appeal and try to convince the judge the banana isn't stripping but actually putting its clothes on. If that doesn't work I'll dig my way out with my Plenny Shake scooper and continue to draw stripping bananas in the underground circuit.

7. What should be edible? 
It would be awesome to eat the song Gravel Pit by the Wu Tang Clan in a burrito and call it a gangsterwrap. 

8. What would you do in case of a zombi apocalypse? 
Order this beauty (see image below) on eBay and bring back Jimmy Joy Green.


9. You've been asked to develop a new Instagram filter. 
I'd like to make a filter that shows inner beauty instead of outer beauty.

10. Every person alive has to pay you one euro. What would you do with it. Mind you, you're the only person this happens to and everybody awaits your decision.
I'd outcompete all the banks and start a decent one.

11. If it were possible, which animal would you cross breed with which fruit? 
Definitely cross a kiwi with a kiwi and call it a kiwi. These would make for a super exotic appearance on the barbecue.


12. What’s on the other side of a black hole? 
A dirty little racist joke.

13. How would you arrange a space colony? 
Just not overcrowd it. I like my space.

14. In a world where plants have eyes, hands and brains. Which plant would you trust with your tax returns? 
That would be the Psychotria Elata, better known as Hot Lips or even Hooker's Lips. Google it if that sparks your interest. The Latin name is the most safe to Google.

15. What would Justin Bieber’s music taste like? 
What do you mean? Sorry. Like a good beet with a bitter taste.

16. Its 2516 and you can pick a free robot. 
Wow, I'm getting really old! A self driving car would be great and maybe I won't have to wait so long too. Also saves me the hassle of getting a driver's license.

17. You're drafted for the military. How do you dodge that? 
I'd rock my camouflage outfit so people would think I'm just a floating head.

18. Kanye West commissions you to make a drawing of his personality. What do you draw? 
Totally depends on how much he's paying.

19. What would be the most terrible Plenny Shake flavor ever? 
I proposed bacon flavor as an April fools joke. But my colleagues thought that idea was too good to have as joke. Follow Josse

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