By Abel van Gijlswijk

We all know how important food is for your regular day-to-day activities. But what if you’re doing right now isn’t your regular thing? What if you are, let’s say, climbing mount Kilimanjaro? What do you do about eating?  One thing is clear: climbing a mountain is NOT your regular daily activity… unless you’re a goat or something like that, in which case we recommend you lay off the Plenny Shakes.

But if you’re reading this there’s a big chance you’re a person so let’s talk more mountain-climbing nutrition. It’s extremely important to carry enough food with you when you’re out on this type of adventure, but weight is also an issue. See where we’re going with this? A Plenny Shake is the perfect option to consume enough water and nutrients to sustain your ascent regularly, providing you with the necessary energy required to keep on climbin’!


It turns out somebody actually went ahead and did just that! We had a talk with Renee, who had a Plenny Shake on top of the Kilimanjaro.


Renee Dijkhuis just climbed the highest mountain in Africa. We gave her some Plenny Shake to survive the climb. In return we got a couple of really cool pictures of her drinking a Plenny Shake on top of the Kilimanjaro. We called her up to have some important questions answered. Like: why? And: WHY?


Renee, you climbed Africa’s highest mountain. Wow. And more importantly: Why?

To raise money for War Child. I’ve been donating to them for quite some time now and I always wanted to work there. I got distracted by psychology and started working with people with autism, but I still wanted to contribute. Then this challenge came along. 


I never had a thing for mountains but I thought, as a challenge, climbing one might be cool. Getting people to donate was a bigger challenge than the climbing to be honest. 


You asked us for some Plenny Shakes.

Yes, I heard about Plenny Shakes through the grapevine. I immediately loved it when I tried some. It gave me a good feeling. A long, steady feeling of fullness. And it’s perfect when you’re not much of a cook, like me. Before I took the Kili-challenge I had advice from a dietician. She was pretty impressed by the contents of the Plenny Shake. That’s when I was sold.


You sound like a Jimmy Joy commercial.

Hahaha, yes. I’ve kind of been one. Some of the people with autism I work with started using Plenny Shakes as well. For a lot of them cooking is just another thing that takes energy and concentration. So something as easy and nutritious as a Plenny Shake is perfect.


Always happy to help! So, when did you have a Plenny Shake on the Kilimanjaro?

I replaced one meal with Jimmy Joy, usually lunch. During the summit attempt you’re walking for over seven hours straight, that’s when a Plenny Shake comes in very handy.


What effect does climbing a mountain have on a human being?

I got really sick the third day. A nasty headache that got me in this negative mindset. All I could do was cry and think: what am I doing here? But the thing with mountains is that you’re body needs to adjust to it. Reaching the top was also very hard. You leave the camp around 11 pm and start walking for seven hour straight. Nobody talks. Once you reach the first top there’s some crying and high-fiving, but at that point you still have to climb the actual top and walk all the way back.


Okay, so on a slightly more fun note: do high altitudes effect the taste of Plenny Shakes?

A lot! It’s freezing up there. So when I carried a Plenny Shake that was already mixed with water, it froze up within the first half hour. I poured some tea in it, which actually tasted pretty good. Earl Grey with a Banana flavoured Plenny Shake!


What do other climbers eat?

Well, the organization gave us little lunchboxes with these nasty sandwiches in them. During the summit attempt people were eating energybars, but they froze up too. I actually think Plenny Shakes would be a good idea for everyone climbing a mountain. Which seems to be a lot of people!


What do you eat now you’re back beneath sea level?

The same, actually! I eat a Plenny Shake for lunch everyday. And I plan to continue doing that. It makes me feel fit.


By the way, did you achieve your goal for War Child!

I did! I collected 3500 euro! 


Awesome! What’s next?

War Child is doing a project for children of war refugees here in the Netherlands. Maybe I’ll join that. Or maybe I’ll learn how to kite surf.


Cool Renee. Have fun!

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