According to smart scientists, us westerners could be eating a whole lot healthier. Too much sugar and fat, not enough fruit, vegetables and fish. Shocking on one hand, however we kind of understand why. Nobody has time for a healthy diet. Besides, vegetables are kind of gross and fish is crazy expensive. Unfortunately, that’s why we miss out on a bunch of vital stuff like vitamins and fatty acids. Since Jimmy Joy wishes a healthy diet upon the entire western world, we decided to list five solutions to this problem. Unintentionally they all come down to the extremely healthy, cheap and superhumanly efficient product we happen to sell. 

Have a Plenny Shake for breakfast 
Mornings are made for smashing the snooze button. Even if you’re a morning person, you’ll have to admit the morning is the most terrible moment imaginable to eat fish and vegetables. No worries though, there’s a way to work around that. It’s called Plenny Shake. It does not taste like fish at all and still offers all the fatty acids and other nutrients human beings need to function.

Lunch with Jimmy Joy
Who has time for lunch in 2016? Everyone who claims to have lunch that is more elaborate than a prepackaged salad is either a liar or unemployed. Too bad, because the beginning of the afternoon is an exquisite moment to inject some delicious vitamins into your temple. If only there were some kind of powder that has all nutrients a human being needs… Oh, wait!

Dine with Jimmy Joy
Dining is a broad concept that might or might not include hot dogs, depending on who you ask. And who are we to question that definition? Complement your fried chicken with a tasty Plenny Shake and get all the nutrients you need without having to say farewell to your love for fried stuff.

Eat a Twennybar at random moments 
Having nutritious food isn’t necessarily bound to a specific time of the day. You could just chew down a Twennybar around 16:34. Or even 03:07. 

Eat nothing but our Plenny Shake
If you want to be sure of a well-balanced diet that offers you the exact amount of nutrients you need, you might as well go on an exclusive Plenny Shake diet. It’s cheap, delicious, fast and enables you to look yourself in the mirror with dignity after reading stuff about bad diets. However, we do not recommend it. Life gets boring when you have the same meal over and over. Maybe a nice fish salad every once in a while isn't so bad after all.

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