Jimmy Joy's products are made for almost everyone. Though, some people seem to enjoy it even more than others, like students, for example - and we know why. There’s barely any time for studying in a party-filled life, never mind preparing decent food. Here at Jimmy Joy, we see it as our duty to support the great minds of tomorrow. So we thought it would be a great idea to put together a nice guide on how to use Jimmy Joy products to binge drink study as efficiently as possible.

Your Twennybar is key
Are you studying so hard there’s barely any time left to put together a shake? Is drinking prohibited in the library? Are you hungry in traffic? Say no more. The Twennybar is here to save the day. Twenty percent of everything you need in a tasty bar the size of a small remote control. 

Buy in bulk
As with most stuff, it pays to buy in bulk. The more Jimmy Joy products you stock up on, the cheaper it gets. This way our amazingly cheap powdered food gets even cheaper. That’s, like, a whole lotta money saved right there. Just imagine all the beer you can spend that on. Did I say beer? I meant study-stuff. Thingies. Whatever.

Never underestimate the power of a kebab
Sure, our Plenny Shake is alright. But try to find you some downtown in the middle of the night. Pro-tip: you can't. This might be a good time to rediscover your appreciation for a kebab. Kebab is always there for you in the middle of the night. We’re not sure how this fits into a guide on how to exploit Jimmy Joy as a student, but it seemed like the right thing to tell you.

An outrageous amount of caffeine is half the work
And we’ve definitely got your back on that one. Plenny Shake Wake-Up is breakfast and coffee in one delicious meal. Or lunch and coffee, for that matter. Basically, it’s a regular Plenny Shake with a shitload of caffeine added for optimal performance. Isn’t that what we all want?

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