Melvin Schol is a Dutch athlete. He is the reigning world champion jiu jitsu and the Dutch judo champion. And he is sponsored by Jimmy Joy. He also runs a company with a friend; ‘Training, Lifestyle & Voeding’. Together they help people towards a more healthy lifestyle. We’re really proud to have a proper champion and health expert on our team. Time to get to know him for a bit.


Hi Melvin. Are you a big fan of alliteration, or is there another reason for combining Judo and Jiu Jitsu with Jimmy Joy? 
I always did judo next to jiu jitsu. Two years ago I decided to switch from the – 81 kg class to the - 90 kg class. I had to gain a lot of weight, but that wasn’t going well. About a year ago I started to drink Plenny Shakes twice a day, as an addition to my regular diet. And it worked. I gained 11 kilos, while my fat percentage didn’t go up. That’s when I contacted you.

Thanks for calling, it’s pretty great to help a champ. For jiu jitsu, you’re now in the -94 kg class. What do you do to weigh exactly 94 kilo? 
I have the body of an athlete, so even when I don’t train I burn 3000 calories a day. When I train that’s 4000. I need to eat a lot and I often have the feeling I’m just stuffing it all in. I see food in a different way as others do. I never think: oh, that looks tasty. I only see proteins, carbs and fats on my plate.

Can you explain why you love jiu jitsu and judo so much? 
It’s the ultimate confrontation between my opponent and me. I think that’s amazing. I’m not a team player, I don’t want to rely on others. It has to be perfectly clear who’s the best. When you win, that’s you and nobody else. That’s so awesome.

Can you imagine devoting yourself to something else than jiu jitsu and judo? Model trains or something? 
Good question. It wasn’t my idea to join judo and jiu jitsu trainings. My parents just took me there when I was young. Maybe if they would have taken me to another sport, I would be totally devoted to that now. When I do something, I give it my all. That’s why I focus on jiu jitsu now instead of judo. I wasn’t good enough to be on top of the world judo league. With jiu jitsu my chances are better. I don’t think I would enjoy building model trains for a long time by the way.


Jiu jitsu isn’t an Olympic sport yet. Does that frustrate you? 
It’s a shame, yes. I’m a world champion in my class, so I probably would have placed myself for the Olympics if jiu jitsu was an Olympic sport. My guess is that it will be an Olympic sport in 2024. A decision like that is preceded by a long proces. The Olympic committees of every continent need to agree on it. For me it will be too late anyway, I’ll be old in 2024 and wouldn’t stand a chance.

Too bad. What are your goals now? 
The World Games, the Olympics for non-Olympic sports. They will be held in Poland in 2017. And the Combat Games in Peru, also in 2017. That’s where I want to go. The first four of the world ranking are automatically placed. I’m third now, so I need to maintain this position.

You’re a professional athlete, but you also run a company where you help people to get in better shape again. You seem busy. Do you have friends? 
I run the company together with a friend. We started it three years ago and I haven’t really had a social life ever since. Luckily I have very good friends. I can’t join them to a club every Saturday, but if I don’t see them for a month we’re still okay. Despite being busy I did find a new girlfriend!

Well done! Where did you find her? 
Through my job. I was counselling a girl online and she introduced me to a friend of hers. She’s my girlfriend now. Our first contact was online.

You’re a very healthy guy. Would you be able to have a girlfriend that eats Big Mac’s all day? 
My new girlfriend is quite sporty and plays tennis, so I’m happy with that. I couldn’t fall for a girl that eats fast food all day. Maybe if she’s extremely hot and cute, haha. But still I’d find it difficult.

Your company was hired to make policemen healthier. Was it necessary? 
The policemen we currently help belong to a special group. They’re not working full time jobs yet because they suffered from a burn out or were overworked, you name it. We coach them online and offline to get fit again. The police takes care of the mental coaching, so together we make sure people are more healthy on the workplace.

Lastly a dilemma: going to prison for ten years now, or going to prison for ten years in ten years. 
In ten years, for sure. I can only keep this level of sport up till I’m 30, now I’m still fit. I want to get everything out of life right now, not later.


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