New year. New Goals. New Name.

This past year we had a lot of fun and overcame a lot of obstacles. Instead of trying to sell as much as possible, we focused on product quality and operational excellence. For example: to cater all of our customers in 86 countries across 5 continents who order a meal of Jimmy Joy every 12 seconds, we upscaled the capacity of our in-house production to over 5.500 bags daily (up from 1.200 at the beginning of 2016).

Also, thanks to the ideas of our beloved fulfilment guys and girl (yes, the people who draw on your orders when requested), we changed the fulfilment process which made it much more efficient. We can now send out orders on the same day they are placed all the way up to 2 pm in the afternoon. We even reached this goal on our record day, Black Friday (in which we doubled our last record day, the launch of the Twennybar, and sold more than 40.000 meals. Wuuuut!?).

Breaking the News

Ok, everyone hold onto their knickers. We’re going to start off with a big one.

As a lot of people know, our name looks a lot like a very well known powdered food company in California. Joey started producing Plenny Shake not to sell it, but to use it for himself. People around him wanted to buy it and that's why it morphed into a company. Now, 2.5 years and almost 5.000.000 meals down the road, we are clearly no single person company that sells some meals to friends and family anymore. So after a small dispute with our colleagues in the states we have decided to change our name to (drumrolls)... Jimmy Joy. 

To continue our search for new flavours and products we hired a new Food Technologist, Karel. He will not only be working on product development but will also make sure that we keep our high standard of quality and hygiene. As a lot of people know we literally started in Joey’s bedroom in 2014. What fewer people know is that we invested over €1.000.000 in our products, production and warehouse. We now have a 250m2 cutting-edge clean room with a very high level of hygiene and standard batch testing. All to ensure the highest quality products, which Karel will guard with his life. 

New Goals

For 2017 we have set new goals, and we’re excited! Some of those goals require little or no explanation. Others are more extensive.

    •    Through constant improvement of our logistic process we are coming closer and closer to standard 5 day shipping world wide. We aim to have complete 5 day coverage throughout the world before the year is over.
    •    We love helping you guys out, and we want to be more approachable for when you have questions. That is why we aim for a reaction time by email from our customer care of 1 hour. We also realise that, with so many customers around the world, time zones have a negative effect on how quickly we respond. This is why we also want to be available to you 18 hours a day.
    •    We are outsourcing US fulfilment in Chicago which will enable us to offer all US customers standard free shipping in the near future! ‘Nuff said.
    •    We will be launching a new website somewhere in the upcoming weeks. This website (Magento 2.0) will help us become more flexible and clear. Please do let us know what you think of it when launched!
    •    We also want to create new flavours for both the Twennybar and powdered meals. And maybe, just maybe, you will be able to buy a completely new product before the year is over. Keep an eye on our socials to make sure you are one of the first to get it.

Last but definitely not least we have become more and more aware of our responsibilities as one of the fastest growing startups in Europe (1928% growth in just 2 years). That is why we want to become a CO2 neutral company by the end of 2017. First by minimising our CO2 output and secondly compensating for the output that we cannot yet remove from our businesses. How do we minimise our CO2 output? A lot of our output comes from Logistics. That is why we are constantly looking at the right combination of transport and warehousing to reduce the distance our product has to travel between production and you. 

Packaging (more specific the burning of used packaging) also produces a lot of CO2. That is why we’re looking into biodegradable packaging. The price of biodegradable packaging is 30% higher than normal bags. That is 5x less expensive compared to 2 years ago when we last looked into this. Therefore it has become within our reach. Due to the lead times of all of our upcoming projects, converting all packaging to biodegradable packaging will take some time. We are however fully committed to this project and expect to have only biodegradable packaging before the end of 2018.

With every ton of CO2 we as people emit into the atmosphere, about 3m2 of polar ice melts away. That is why we compensate. To compensate for the CO2 we do put out into the world we donate €0.10 per order to Trees For All which bundles those donations to buy and plant trees in Bolivia. Each planted tree will convert 20.000 km worth of CO2 emission in its lifetime. With this effort we will be donating enough to convert more than 780 tons of CO2 emission per month. To start the year well, we started compensating all orders from the first of January this year. 

We have achieved so much already and we feel humbled by all the support and love you guys have given us these past few years. We honestly could not have done it without you! Now, who’s with us to make 2017 even better? 

Much Love and Joy,

The Jimmy Joy team

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