Raspberry Bliss Balls

Since we’re pretty much over this whole ‘winter-thing’, we thought we’d take a head start on spring by creating a fresh and fruity new flavor that instantly makes us feel like the sun is out and the leaves are green: Raspberry!

With just water or (plant-based) milk our new Limited Edition Plenny Shake Raspberry is a perfectly nutritious and filling breakfast or lunch, but if you really want to have a go at it and put a little extra effort in putting together something amazing (because for some magical reason you have a little extra time on your hands), we have a quick and easy recipe that will make you feel like you’re basically putting spring in your mouth. And yes, that’s about as awesome as it sounds.

What you need

A blender or any other type of kitchen machine that can grind stuff 

- 130 grams of (frozen) raspberries
- 100 grams of raisins
- 150 grams of 
Plenny Shake Raspberry
- 150 grams (fine) oats
- 1 tablespoon of coconut sugar
- 1 tablespoon of red beet powder (or hibiscus)

What to do

Use a blender or any other device that can get the job done to grind up 130 grams of (frozen) raspberries with 100 grams of raisins

Add 150 grams of Plenny Shake Raspberry and 150 grams of (fine) oats and mix everything together into one consistent mixture by kneading. 

Create small, evenly sized balls (about the size of a large marble)

Mix one tablespoon of coconut sugar with one tablespoon of red beet powder (or hibiscus powder) to roll the balls in, giving them a sweet, crispy and great looking powder coat.




That’s it, you’re done! Go ahead and eat those bad boys, or share them with your friends if you're feeling super generous.

Want to try this super easy and delicious recipe and experience what it feels like to have spring in your mouth? Get our Raspberry Plenny shake here!

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