Traveling is great! You can enjoy foreign climates, see beautiful mountains and meet amazing people. Or amazing animals, in case you’re an introvert. There can also be some horrific sides to traveling though. Especially when it comes to food. We’ve got some examples for you.


On long flights you will usually be offered a proper looking meal, but there’s hardly enough arm room for you to eat it without planting your elbows in the eye socket of the person next to you. Also, the kid behind you doesn’t make the eating any easier by constantly kicking your chair. When you’re finally able to take a bite, it turns out it tastes exactly like the plastic fork you’re eating it with. Would be handy to have some Twenny Bars with you now, right? You probably shouldn’t bring Plenny Shake powder in your hand luggage though, we don’t want customs to mistake you for a drug lord. Those days are behind you! (JK you can totally bring Plenny Shake in your hand luggage!)


Road trip

Your stomach is growling louder than the car engine, so you’re making a stop at a shabby looking gas station. Unfortunately they only have pre-packed sandwiches that look like a blind person made it with a gun to his head. Also, have you never seen a horror movie? If you and your friends stop at a remote gas station, you are pretty much guaranteed to be murdered in the next couple of hours. If you do happen to survive, bring some Plenny Shakes & Twenny Bars on your next road trip. Good luck! AND LOOK OUT, HE’S RIGHT BEHIND YOU!


Taking the train

The best way to make sure everybody in your train hates you, is by bringing in smelly fast food you bought at the station. So, what to do then? Wait for hours until a catering guy clumsily enters your train compartment carrying a Batman-belt full of chocolate bars and a gigantic backpack full of old coffee? Or do you get up, leave all your belongings behind and walk through 24 train compartments until you reach the restaurant wagon, which has a ‘Sorry, we’re closed’ sign hanging behind the window? Sure you could do that. You could also just bring… well, you get our point by now.


Eating weird food abroad

You’re walking along the streets of your exotic travel destination, looking for something to eat. The street food looks kind of iffy, and the meat is completely unrecognizable. Did they put one of the orcs from The Lord of the Rings on a barbecue?? Wait, that piece of meat impaled by a big skewer... is that Dobby??? Oh well, let’s eat it anyway. When in Rome, right? An hour later however, you’re on the toilet peeing from your butt. Apparently your body isn’t accustomed to eating fantasy movie characters. Maybe whip up a Plenny Shake next time? Make sure your body can handle the local water you use for your shake though. Else, you might be peeing from your butt anyway.


Exploring the local surroundings

You decide to go on an adventure and hike to the top of a local mountain. As you reach the top and take your 600 well-deserved selfies, you notice there’s a hungry mountain lion growling at you. Wouldn’t it be convenient to have some Twenny Bars to throw at her? Twenny Bars are so nutritious, the mountain lion’s hunger would be satisfied immediately. She would be thankful and invite you to her mountain lion society, an idyllic dream world free from the capitalistic chains of humanity. You could finally be truly happy! (Or you could just run back.) 

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