By Sander Roks.

A few months ago we started sponsoring Jeff Verbeek. Besides manager of shot bar Bar Tender in Rotterdam, he’s in the running for the title of Men Universe Netherlands. We think Jeff is a cool guy and we want to support him, but don’t really know why we give him free Plenny Shakes. So we asked him, and some other things we wanted to know.



Jeff, can you explain why we are your sponsor?

I think I can, yes. I’m a Men Universe Netherlands candidate and the organisation expects me to promote myself. The easiest way out would be through my own company, shot bar Bar Tender in Rotterdam, but I wasn’t very keen on doing that. Hanging posters of myself on the wall that scream ‘look at me! I’m amazing!’… Nah. I already drank Plenny Shakes sometimes, and through a friend I came in contact with you guys. Jimmy Joy stands for a healthy diet, which is also important for a Men Universe candidate, so it’s a good match. Now that I have Jimmy Joy as a sounding board I don’t need to put up posters of myself in my bar, yet I do promote myself. The Men Universe organisation is happy, I’m happy, you are happy. Everybody happy. 

Good, so that’s clear now. Is it any fun, being a Men Universe candidate?
Yes. A lot of guys applied, so I think that for a lot of them being a candidate is a dream come true. For me it started as a joke, but now I made it to the last twelve I want to win. The winner is going to the Dominican Republic to compete for the title of Men Universe World and 10.000 euros. Besides that it’s good for my business. Winning this would be a great marketing stunt for the bar. 

What does a Men Universe candidate actually do?
Promoting yourself and generate attention for the competition. Once a month all the candidates do something together. We go boxing or do a photo shoot, things like that. That’s fun, but it’s also a way for the organisation to get to know us better. They don’t want a Men Universe winner saying on television that he’s going to a party tomorrow to sniff a gram or two.  

Understandable. What are the other candidates like? I’m sure there’s lots of backstabbing behind the scenes?
Not at all. Everyone wishes the others all the best, I don’t know why it’s like that, but it is. Nobody really feels the competition. Off course I want to win, but not at the costs of others. It has to be a fair game. 


Do you think you will win?

If I don’t win, I really want to know what the winner has that I don’t have, haha! No, seriously: if I’m competing, I want to win. I hope I stand a chance, so at least the healthy diet and all the visits to the gym weren’t for nothing. I’m trying my best to make it difficult for the organisation and to convince them that they can’t ignore me. 

Do you consider yourself handsome?
Let others be the judge of that. I’m not complaining, I’m happy. 

Are you just handsome, or can you be funny as well?
I don’t think I’m the funniest person walking the face of the earth, but surely not the most boring one either. I’m not the kind of guy who walks into a room and has everybody cracked up within a minute. 

That’s not a necessity off course. Lots of funny things happening at your bar?
Yes, for sure. One night I found a bleeding Russian guy on the toilet after closing time. I opened the door and he just fell out. He was so drunk that blood gushed out. It looked kind of bad, but he was okay. We patched him up en sat him on a bench outside. Besides that, mostly fun things happen at the bar. My employees are my friends. We go on skiing holidays and to clubs together. We’re a real team. They can drink as much as they want when they’re working, but if they get drunk they get a warning from me. If it happens again, they’re fired. I can be very strict as well. 

Who could use a double tequila shot?
Cemal Hazenbroek, another Men Universe candidate. Well, ex candidate. He left the competition a few weeks ago to be a cast member on the TV show Utopia. He’s a nice guy and I myself would go crazy in Utopia, so I think he deserves a double tequila. 

Lastly I have a beauty dilemma for you. Would you rather wear high heels your whole life, or wear red lipstick your whole life?
I’ll go for the lipstick, cause walking on heels my whole life sounds extremely uncomfortable. When someone asks me about the lipstick, I’m sure I can make something up. I kissed the wrong woman or something, or that I drank a pot of paint. 

Great choice. Thanks Jeff, and good luck during the finale on 1 May at Villa Thalia in Rotterdam!
You’re very welcome!

Are you a fan of Jeff, just like us? Vote for him to get him that title!


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