Jimmy Joy

  • Big Bags, You are Beautiful

    Make some room for the largest member of the Jimmy Joy family: the Plenny Shake Big Bag. This meal replacement shake is community focussed, created together with our fanatic following that made their voices loud and clear through every possible channel. We even spotted an airplane banner the othe... View Post
  • They see me rowing, they hating

    Ever fantasized about what it’d be like to spend more than a month rowing a boat? Across the Atlantic Ocean? With a bunch of dudes!? Well you don’t need to anymore, because apparently, this is a thing. The Talisker Whiskey Atlantic challenge is a 4800 km long rowing competition that people volunt... View Post
  • New Limited: Chai Latte Plenny Shake

    By now you must be familiar with the next big thing after the avocado madness: chai latte. This (in many ways) hot beverage originates from India, but has just recently been taking every hipster urban coffeeshop and Instagram feed by storm. And to be honest, we totally get the obsession. Chai lat... View Post