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Jimmy Joy pioneers in creating nutritionally complete sustainable foods. We were the first to start in Europe back in 2014 and continue to innovate to this day. Our mission is to provide affordable nutrition to everyone. Jimmy Joy believes in making life simple so that you can do what brings you joy. We make easy to use products with a mild taste and colorful design while having a minimal impact on the environment and animal well being. Our convenient products take away the hassle that usually comes with healthy eating.

Story Telling


Four years ago our founder Joey van Koningsbruggen wondered what it would be like to create food that had both everything that your body needs but is as simple as drinking a glass of water. He didn’t want to worry about spending tons of money on food he still had to cook. The goal was to eat healthy without having to stress about recipes. With the right formula, they soon got themselves fed but also got traction with their friends and friends of friends.

It grew rapidly after that. A bedroom turned into a garage, a garage turned into a small office and the office turned into a full-fledged production facility. Joey van Koningsbruggen, together with his business partner Sam Rohn, teamed up with food scientists to create what has now grown into what Jimmy Joy is today. Jimmy Joy keeps you healthy and saves you time and space, so you can focus on the fun stuff.

Now we are 22 people strong, with most of us never stopped working on our mission since the beginning of 2014. We do our thing and we have always done it like that, we live to experiment and help everyone on our planet to eat complete food.

Doing Good

We’re all about having a blast. That doesn’t mean we won’t gladly take responsibility for our own production cycle. That’s one of the reasons we’ve put a lot of research and development into our delicious nutritious Vegan products (we dare you to taste the difference) from the very beginning. We’ll also do everything we can to make our entire company CO2 neutral ASAP. That means optimizing our in-house production facility and delivery chain to make it as clean as possible. And we’re planting trees in Bolivia for the emissions we can’t control. To keep the joy alive, we have to keep the world alive.

Medical Applications

We work together with health care professionals and clinics to provide complete nutrition to ones in need. Our products serve as ideal supplements to specific diets or easy-to-consume meals for ones that have difficulties swallowing. For inquiries about this please send us an email at

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